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## My iPhone Homescreen

[Launch Center Pro](http://contrast.co/launch-center-pro/)-A launcher for the iPhone that can be used to launch workflows.
[Workflow](https://workflow.is/)-An automation app for iPhone. Makes life much easier and expands the capability of the iPhone. It connects actions that work together like making a button to call home, select directions to your work, and retrieve the top news for the day. It truly can change how you use your iPhone.

[Mailbox](http://www.mailboxapp.com/)-This app I use to get to mostly inbox zero. I tend to prefer the swiping gestures then in Dispatch listed below. Mailbox doesn’t allow me to enter items into my to-do list manager, Omnifocus however hence the need for two apps.
[Dispatch](http://www.dispatchapp.net/)-This is the app that helps me add my emails as to-do’s into Omnifocus.

**Cloud Based**
[Feedly](https://feedly.com/)-My RSS reader of choice on iOS. Works great and have yet to find a better option.
[Evernote](https://evernote.com/)-This is as Getting Things Done refers to as my reference bin. It stores tons of digital notes that are all mostly tagged so I can easily find them again. I try to clean out this inbox daily so things don’t pile up.
[DayOne](http://dayoneapp.com/)-This is my journaling app I use. Although I don’t primarily use this on iOS it still is nice to see my previous entries.
[Carousel](https://carousel.dropbox.com/)-An app that is used to view your Dropbox photos. I use it to ensure my photos are uploaded to Dropbox from my iOS device.
[Chrome](http://www.google.com/chrome/)-It works and I’ve had no problems with it. Prefer it over Safari. Syncs bookmarks and open tabs with the computer too.

[Waze](https://www.waze.com/)- Easily the best GPS app ever. It is based on user data and allows people to report accidents as they occur, rerouting you when needed.
[Glympse](https://www.glympse.com/)- Use this app all the time when traveling from school to home by Amtrak. I can send my location to my mother and then she’s able to see in realtime my location.
[Google Maps](https://www.google.com/maps)-Use this app mostly for transit and general walking directions. It integrates into many public transit systems which makes life tremendously easier.

[Drafts](http://agiletortoise.com/drafts/)-This is my brain on iOS. I throw in random ideas and to-do’s into here. It has many export options and such. In a later post I can detail how as teachers Drafts is useful.
[Omnifocus](https://www.omnigroup.com/omnifocus)- This is my personal to-do list app that I use. It utilizes David Allen’s famous Getting Things Done productivity system. It involves many folders and projects which makes organizing all the things I have to do very useful.
[1 Password](https://agilebits.com/onepassword)-I would be lost without this app. I have nearly 80 passwords in here for tons of sites that I use. It can generate passwords for you via certain criteria and makes life so much easier. It even notify’s you if passwords are the same or accounts have been compromised. Plus the interface is really nice.
[SleepCycle](http://www.sleepcycle.com/)-I use this every night to track my sleep cycles. Although it’s accuracy I make sure not to take for gospel for the most part it ensures I’m on track.
[Fantastical](https://flexibits.com/fantastical-iphone)-This is my calendar app of choice on my iPhone. I like the interface and it makes life easy.

[Overcast](https://overcast.fm/)-This is by far my favorite podcast app. The developer is heavily involved in the podcast community and he really values the user experience. He has two key features that make it worth wild, increased volume controls and an ability to speed up the podcasts.
[Stronglifts](http://stronglifts.com/apps/)-My workout app I use to follow the Stronglists program.

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